Internet cafés from Tuvalu to Swansea

Ever heard of Tuvalu?

Until today I had never heard of it either. As the CIA uts it, it’s an island group consisting of nine coral atollsth Pacific Ocean, about one-half of the way from Hawaii to Australia.
Now why am I talking to you about Tuvalu? Because I read about it on BBC newsPacific Island of Tuvalu might be under threat of being swallowed by the ocean due to global warming, but while it is still afloat it offers a two computer Internet café in the offices of website
The site’s motto is: We don’t have coffee yet, but we have the Internete go back to Swansea, UK, birth town of Dylan Thomas, a cyber-café opened in a residential home and BBC news states that silver surfers take to café life
Surfers in their eighties and nineties are now logging on to keep in touch with family all over the world. They are so pleased with their newly acquired skills that the city is planning to open Internet cafés in more homes.