Noise pollution


ne thing I find unbearable is the way most public places impose background noise on you. As long as it remains background, I suppose that it may reduce stress for some people. But I remember going to a brand new fashionable Paris café, where they played music louder and louder, so much so that it completely spoilt the place for me. We had to leave.
As Ronni (whose excellent blog I discovered through Fred’s Fragments from Floyd) in Time Goes By writes

Indoor noise pollution has reached intolerable levels in recent years. No store owner, even the local deli guy, believes we want to shop without music blasting our brains (…)
Many restaurants, even expensive, elegant ones, are little better. The music is frequently so loud, two people cannot converse quietly across a table. Asking for it to be turned down is a sure way to rotten service.

Can you believe that a few weeks ago, in a hospital waiting room, we found the music so loud that we had to write a note for the staff to turn the sound down? Are we going to have to carry earplugs with us just in case?


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