Brother and sister in 1946


Félix, 12 1/2 and Didi, aged 19 months at the photographer’s in Deauville
Félix was almost 11 when I was born, he had been through the war with our parents, going from hiding place to hiding place like a lot of Jewish families at the time. Just when my mother was pregnant, he had had to leave our parents to go to boarding school. At the time, the whole family was hiding from the German Gestapo and the French gendarmes, on a farm, with no secondary school in sight, in the Berry region, near Issoudun. None of this shows on this idyllic photo, which my mother kept sitting on the piano for years.

2 thoughts on “Brother and sister in 1946

  1. I was curious and asked my parents about the timing of my birth. And they said that they could tell it was almost the end. And they were well hidden and felt safe, I guess. However, I think you’re right, Ronni, it’s just a strong urge to keep going.

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