Merry Christmas to you all!


Christmas surf. Blogging on Christmas Eve is sometimes difficult. It took me forever to manage uploading this picture of Père Noël taken in Normandy.


Père Noël waving at the camera in Honfleur

On the BBC news site, check that some Christmas trees are more equal than others. I had a look at the White House Christmas trees, the Christmas tree on Trafalgar Square, offered every year by Norway, and looked for the Palais de l’Elysée Christmas tree, to no avail. There must be one but they don’t show it to ordinary people, I guess.

On a more scientific level, at eMusings, chez Goodman, I liked the snowflake primer
For great photos, go to Fragments from Floyd
Don’t miss the collections of Christmas postcards and the Christmas Archives Photo Library – Gallery that Michelle Fierro posted on Life in the Present

Then, on the site of London Transport Museum, an online exhibition, The Colours of Winter.

On this Canadian site, A Celebration of Winters Long Ago.
On a different note, look at this Scared of Santa Gallery which I found at I Dream, therefore I am
Need a bulldog Christmas card? You can get it at Stu Savory’s
Also, a Victorian Santa Gallery Home Page
And Visions of Christmas which covers the evolution of Santa Claus, of the Christmas tree via Sugar ‘N Spicy

And to finish with, you can read The Night Before Christmas (Attorney Version), at Time Goes By


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