With my parents


With my parents in 1954
Joseph, Gitta and Didi, leaning on the family car, outside the Deauville house in 1954
Those were happy days. The war was far away, I was born in September 1944 and never suffered from it. I only knew what I was told. Gitta, my mother, was left without a family. Now and then, people who had lived in her Polish, (now Belarus) town, Slonim, would get in touch and tell her frightful stories of how her father, Joseph, her sister, Rosa and her two brothers, David and Salomon had been murdered with the rest of her family and the whole of their village by the Nazi occupants.

One thought on “With my parents

  1. Ach, how sad. Mickey’s family too is all gone and she doesn’t even know what town they were from or how they died. But it was also Poland. I guess there’s an upside in that she never heard the frightful stories…only imagined them…

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