My self-centered 2004 review


January: a big family reunion felixclaudesmall.jpg with my brother, on his 70th birthday. We had been estranged for the longest time. It was good getting together

February: quite a busy month working on Site d’anglais de l’académie de Paris . I start thinking on retiring at the end of September.

March: my daughter Julie (who doesn’t want her picture published, although she is quite lovely) turns 19 and moves into her own flat. Sarah and I open two English teachers lists, eTeachNet and iTeachNet, joined by Annie, the third co-moderator.

April: nothing much as far as I can remember

May: my mammograph shows a suspicious lump and I have to go for more investigations
June: I have breast cancer and have to prepare for surgery. My daughter is very helpful. I start my blog, Blogging in Paris, on
July: a short and nice if rainy trip to Brussels with my friend Liliane lili.jpg, before I go for lumpectomy on July 28th.

August: amazingly fast recovery when I think about it. The three days at Cyber-Langues are sort of tiring but helpful in lots of ways. Interesting workshops and meeting nice people that I only knew from teachers exchange lists.
Three really pleasant and comforting days in Blois with my friend Sarah sarah.jpg.

September and the first half of October are rather hard to take. I have to go through daily radiation therapy and start a journal in French. Somehow, it helps me along. And I get a lot of support from my friends Ilona in Kentucky, Bob and Norma in Sudbury, Laurence at La Martinique, Jennifer and Lynn in Paris, Christine in Rouen, Olivier in Normandy, Catherine in Paris, Yoann and his family in Paris, my beloved and loving cousins, Alice, Chantal, Léo, and Rosine and lots of other people who will forgive me for not mentioning their names while some others will be grateful for not going public ;).

Actually, the treatment was so time-consuming and tiring that I had no time to realise that I had retired AND turned 60, even though I dreaded the prospect.
As soon as the treatment is over, I start feeling better.

November: still pretty tired, but getting better and better. A week in Normandy helps. I move my blog from to WordPress and get myself a new digital camera.

December sun on Bénerville beach (Normandy)

December: back to Paris after a week in Normandy with my daughter.
Even though it may look like a pretty tough year because of breast cancer, I count my blessings. I have a loving daughter, old and faithful friends, and blogging has put me in touch with people I would never have “met” otherwise, like Meg at MandarinDesign, Ronni at Time Goes by and Chris at Serendipity, among others.
And I enjoy helping along with Le site d’anglais de l’Académie de Paris, and writing a monthly column for Le Café Pédagogique

New Year’s resolutions? I don’t think so. I find that I never manage to stick to them. But I wish everybody a happy, healthy 2005 year.


4 thoughts on “My self-centered 2004 review

  1. Claude:
    This is the first time I’ve stopped by, and you seem to be living the life I would choose if I had a second- or parallel-life to live. I would love to teach English in Paris, or anywhere else in France.
    I couldn’t find your biography on your blog, but it seems like you must be doing something like that, right? Please let me know.

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