Little Félix with Gitta, his mother


My mother and my older brother
1934. My mother, 25 and my brother Félix, aged 9 months. Félix looks at the world and Gitta looks at Félix
The back of the photo says Le petit Félix � l’âge de 9 mois.
Gitta, my mother often told us of that time she went to the doctor’s complaining of an upset stomach, and could not believe him when he told her she was pregnant. But she was! And Félix, my brother, was born in Trouville on January 9th 1934.
This photo was taken in Slonim, (Poland at the time), where she took him to visit with her family nine months later. Her grandmother would not believe that my father Joseph, born in Bulgaria, was Jewish, because he could not speak Yiddish!

2 thoughts on “Little Félix with Gitta, his mother

  1. It’s always been curious to me that people in old photographs – before, oh, 1950 or so – look older than people today at the same age. A 25-year-old today looks almost like a child in comparison to your mother in this photo. It’s true in my old family photos too. I wonder what’s different.

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