The word of the year

…The term “blog” has been chosen as the top word of 2004 by a US dictionary publisher…

What’s in a blog?

Read on BBC News
Merriam-Webster defines a blog as:

a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments and often hyperlinks..

Blog is also the word of the year for a lot of teachers. Blogs are used in the classroom as writing practice, as class content. In the ESL classroom, they are also used as a means of communication, either between teacher and students, or between students.
BBC News defines blogs as Popular press But they could be defined in lots of different ways. Although blogs can enter different categories, popular press, political, technical, photblogs or whatever, a lot of the time, they are journals or diaries. And what is really attractive about blogging is that it is highly versatile.
When I started blogging, I worried that my blog was not focused. But I found that that was what I enjoyed about blogging. You can talk about anything that is of interest to you, as often as you like, and if you have nothing to say, you just do not have to post.

Bloggers, males or females?

It’s true, 2004 was really the year of the blog

says Editor and Publisher who also claim that 57% bloggers are male and 48% are under 30.
I read at MandarinDesign, that Time Magazine announced that most bloggers are women. That made me think that I was part of the crowd. But ABC news state that

blog creators tend to be male, affluent, well-educated and young; 70 percent of them have high-speed connections at home, and 82 percent have been online at least six years.

Blogs I read
I am over sixty, female and yes, I have been online for over six years (ever since Internet connections have been available in France).
The blogs I read tend to be written by women, not so young (why would bloggers HAVE to be young?), but gender or age does not make a good blog, or should I say a blog that I find interesting. I like blogs which give me new perspectives, new points of view.

Blog readers
BBC News says that

Blog reading explodes in America. (…)
Americans are becoming avid blog readers, with 32 million getting hooked in 2004, according to new research.

But there is still a majority of people, even among those who use the Internet, who have no idea what a blog is.

Le Monde
, a French newspaper, offers its subscribers to create their own blog, thus becoming their own publisher. I must check to see if other newspapers have had the same idea and offer their readers this opportunity.

Anyway, who feared that the Internet age would make people stop reading, not to mention writing?


One thought on “The word of the year

  1. Somehow I missed that Editor and Publisher link the last time. All three stories are out of New York. I wonder if they only poll New Yorkers?

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