A card from Poland


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My grandfather sent a card to his daughter
1940 – my grandfather wrote to his daughter
My grandfather owned a cinema (should I say THE cinema) and a printing press in Slonim. He had business printed cards in Polish. He even had a phone number, which at the time in Central Europe, was not so common.
My mother’s address was written in French, but the word France was written in Russian. That part of the country was alternately in Russia or the Soviet Union or in Poland and is now part of Belarus. As a result, Gitta could speak and write Polish, Russian and Yiddish perfectly. French, which she started learning at the age of 23, she spoke quite correctly, but with a foreign accent.
I wish I could read the back of the card, which is in Russian. Even though I studied Russian in Highschool for five years, my Russian is too rusty to go beyond the first few words.

2 thoughts on “A card from Poland

  1. How neat to to have a letter from that time era. And to be able to read even a little in another language. I have decided to take classes to learn another language. Where I went to high school they did not require we study a second language. I am so glad that has changed.

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