I just read TimeGoesby latest post and had the giggles. Ronni describes several memory lapses with a lot of gusto and mentions several ideas for making things better.
What she describes happens to me all the time. My latest stupid loss of memory concerns my copy of Office 2000. I reinstalled Windows XP last week and of course had to reinstall everything else. Now I have the box of Office2000 WITH the registration number and everything, but can you believe that I have mislaid the folder that contained three (I think) CDs ? Why did I ever get it out of the box? And when?
I have spent / wasted a lot of time looking for it and eventually downloaded a copy of OpenOffice, which I loathe. Mind you, I am not a Microsoft lover, but I am used to the thing, I know how to use it and OpenOffice just does not do the same. AND I don’t want to waste time on learning.
Although it would probably be good for my memory to remember how to operate something new 😉

4 thoughts on “Forgetfulness

  1. Same here. Box and all, but no CD!!
    Cannot replace it as it was all my art backups, and I have to start photographing the whole b… lot! Un fame the watercolours, set up the easel and camera. Maddening.
    But at 53 I think it’s abit early to lose one’s marbles, no?
    I keep on forgetting things all the time, even ‘mémoire immédiate) and it’s scary. My sons say I’m too stressed up and ‘distraite’ (distracted?, not sure about the transl). Not senile!
    Is there a border? Or am i getting really old??

  2. I got a new PC last year and didn’t get Office with the thing so downloaded Open Office – I love it. I use MS Office at work and wish I we used OO there instead. I also browse with Firefox. Each to his/her own!

  3. Hi Claude,
    life’s been hectic these last few weeks but I kinda missed your blog and when I came back -* Wow *- hey, you’ve been changing the wallpaper!
    Great look, this blog of yours. I myself have been testing numerous different blogging systems, for about 2-3 weeks each, and it’s been fun in a way.
    I guess now I’m going to bring everything back to one place, and that’ll do.
    Well anyway, I know I won’t reach the level of what you’re doing here, but at least it gives me ideas ! (the opacity thing, for instance… and you’re also the one who made me discover the TypoGenerator..)
    So then, thanks for blogging!

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