Maman and Didi in Orsay


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With my mother in 1950
1950 – Didi in the country with her Mum

As I had had a kidney disease that had kept me in bed for almost a year, my parents had rented a small house in Orsay, near Paris, where we spent the weekends, which was supposed to help me recover.
For that last year, I had not left my parents’ bed, forbidden to get up, even to go to the toilet. When I was eventually allowed to set foot on the floor, I remember being unable to stand. I was fivish and clearly remember thinking that I had simply forgotten how to walk, a frightening thought.


2 thoughts on “Maman and Didi in Orsay

  1. Now there you were in Paris and its environs, a continent and an ocean away from me in Oregon, yet our mothers and we look remarkably similar in dress, hair, etc. Or is the style of black-and-white photos in the 1940s?

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