Félix at school


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Félix at school
At school in 1944
Félix was 10 1/2 when I was born and my arrival coincided with the time when he had to leave home (Thoiry, a hamlet in the Berry area, near Issoudun) to start his Lycée education. He is the boy in the middle holding the sign that reads: St Georges, 1944 – Groupe 1
His child life was marked by separations, first off to Poland when he was three, back to Deauville nine months later, and off to school, towards the end of the war, all the while having to hide, forbidden to say he was Jewish.
How lucky for me to have been born when it was all over…

One thought on “Félix at school

  1. When the photo loaded I thought “he’s the one in the middle” and he was. Isn’t it interesting to look at the faces, the children and wonder how they lived their lives. Thanks again for an interesting photo and story.

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