Fanny and Didi go shopping


To listen to this post in French, click below

With my aunt Fanny in 1947
1947 – Shopping with a ration card
Once, my aunt Fanny took me shopping. I begged her to let me hold the ration card or voucher still used at the time, and although my mother said I should not be trusted with it, she let me have it. I remember distinctly holding on to her hand on one side and to the ration voucher in the other one. And when we got to the baker’s shop on rue de l’Avenir in Deauville, which at the time felt like hours of walking to my short legs, I had indeed lost the card.
I cried a lot, all the more so because Aunt Fanny never scolded.

7 thoughts on “Fanny and Didi go shopping

  1. I recorded the post in French using Audacity and exported it as an MP3.
    I got the idea at Ronni Bennett’s Time Goes by (she is full of great ideas). There must be a more elegant way of inserting MP3’s in WordPress, but everything I have tried just doesn’t work. I am, as always, willing to learn. So if you have any ideas, let me know!

  2. Well, I figured that reading English with a foreign accent wouldn’t do 😉 and you don’t need to understand French, as I say pretty much what is in the post in English.
    Thanks for the visit, Ronni and Tom.

  3. You have the most beautiful speaking voice, Claude. I took a bit of French in school and now I really want to finish what I started with that.
    My plan has always been to go France when I turn 40. So I need to get on it. 🙂

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