Looking for shells on Deauville beach

I have been posting a lot of my recently taken photos on , which I find very easy to use. It is still in Beta, but I like the way you can find photos by tags, uploading is really easy (though slow at the moment), and creating photo sets which can be watched as slideshows, is a breeze. Also, you can choose to make your photos private, which means that you decide which of your friends or family are going to watch them.
This photo was taken over last Christmas vacation on Deauville beach. We had incredibly good weather though quite cold and had a great time.
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2 thoughts on “Looking for shells on Deauville beach

  1. I was thinking of having a new personal blog. I am just wondering where it will be best to open one. Are you satisfied with Word Press? I have already scanned some old pics and started uploading some of the photos to Flickr. Will let you know when it is up. In the meantime, classes start tomorrow so time will be reduced.

  2. I was very active on fotolog until last autumn when for one reason and another I abandoned it. I followed your link to flickr and am delighted to find many old fotolog friends there too, so thanks for posting the link. I have a new camera this year and plan to use flickr a lot this year.

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