Watching clouds with my mother


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February cloudy skies
Watching clouds with my mother
When I was little, we often drove from Paris to Deauville and what now takes no more than two hours on the motorway, could then take four or five hours. Traffic jams on small roads and driving through small towns took a long time. On those trips, to pass the time, my mother would teach me Russian songs or rhymes, we would play ‘capital cities’ – finding capital names when given the first and the last letter. It would probably be difficult for me to play this game now, with European countries having changed names!
But one of our favourite games was to stare at clouds and make up stories around their changing shapes. I remembered about this, this afternoon as I took this photo which made me think of a dragon turning back to throw fire at its enemies.
I guess I am still a child in some ways. 😉
More of my cloud pictures at Flickr

One thought on “Watching clouds with my mother

  1. Hello, Claude. I come via Ronni’s “Time Goes By”.

    I also used to play the capital game – now I would be challenged just to name countries in the world without straining for their capitals too.

    I can remember clearly one journey I took back when I was about 12 (mmm … about 1960) when I was returning from a church camp. I was particularly bored and uninvolved with the others in the bus and I spent the entire journey leaning on my arm looking out the bus window at the clouds and creating the “battles of the heavens”. Clouds, even when dark, stormy and full of impending doom, have always been able to reach into me and uplift.

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