Things and words I didn’t know about

Via Michelle at Life in the present, BBC‘s December 31st 2004 page entitled 100 things we didn’t know this time last year. Michelle’s favourite is

31. Herrings break wind to communicate and keep the school together.

which I like too 🙂
But I also like

9. Some pigeons follow roads and turn off at motorway junctions to navigate their way round.

and I learnt a new expression:

19. The collective noun for rhinos is “crash”.

Herrings move in schools and rhinos in crashes… Food for thought…
Now, this was the end of the year special issue, but the BBC has a weekly special, part of the magazine, entitled Ten things we didn’t know last week
Number 2 is really incredible:

2. Families run up more than ÂŁ76m a year in unpaid bills because they are afraid to look inside envelopes to see how much they owe.

And number 9 is pretty frightening

9. There are 40 million rabbits in the UK.

Not in crashes or schools but in nests or buries.
Trust BBC news to teach you something every week!
Now if you want to learn more about crashes, schools, gaggles and such fun words, Trivia, Brainteasers & Fascinating Facts is for you.


2 thoughts on “Things and words I didn’t know about

  1. The one about the tax bill envelopes, unopened (heck, I’ve done that) reminds me of an explanation I read once – that people have a tendency to solve the emotion rather than the problem. In other words, seeing the envelope makes them worry so to reduce worry they hide the envelope under a pile of whatever (surely you have a pile of whatever, too?). This makes them feel better at the time, but comes back to bite them later.

  2. Claude – you tell me so much about my own country – so many rabbits! I didn’t know about that list but now I am studying it avidly. How fascinating it is. That really is a great list and I am sending it to my office so I can print it out and read it more carefully. Thanks, Tom

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