Feigl, my grandmother


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Feigl, my grandmother on my mother's side
circa 1900 – Feigl Jeljanowna, my grandmother on my mother’s side
y grandmother on my mother’s side, Feigl, died long before the war from a heart condition. My mother always told us how clever and wise she was. One of the stories she told us, my favourite, was about the time when Feigl, then a young girl, substituted for the local fortune teller.
Every week on Slonim market day, there came a fortune-teller. She had her room reserved at the local hotel. All of Feigl’s girlfriends would consult her and believed everything she said.
But Feigl knew better, she didn’t believe in such silly things.
And one market day, the fortune-teller was sick and didn’t show up. Feigl decided to replace her. She put on some fortune-teller attire so as no one would recognize her and went to the hotel room where the lady used to receive her customers.
Every time my mother told me that story, I eagerly waited for the punchline!
Guess what happened… The week following Feigl’s prank, several clients came back and asked for the lady of the week before!
I loved that story and often asked for it and my mother may have embellished it a little every time…

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