Miss Pansy sitting on her eggs

As you may have inferred from a previous post about living on a farm, I am no country person. If I stay away from Paris for too long, I get nostalgic. I probably need my daily dose of carbonmonoxide and some background noise. However, I love walking in Paris gardens and my very favourite is the Luxembourg. I like it because it is right in the heart of the Quartier Latin, it has great gardeners who do a wonderful job and it is ever changing.
If you are patient enough, you can have gardening courses there, (they have a huge waiting list), you can learn about apiculture (they have real bee-hives) or simply walk around and enjoy the great flowers, watch the lovely sculptures, the chess players, the pétanque players and the beautiful fountains.

You can do all that, but today, I had a surprise. A surprise that meant that spring is here!
There she was, sitting in a flowerbed where she had built her nest, sitting on her eggs, opening an eye from time to time.

From a conversation with one of the guards, I gathered that she has been sitting there for ten days and comes to the same place to build her nest every year. How she recognizes the place is a mystery. The gardeners do a pretty good job of turning the beds over and changing the flowers every two months or so. Mother Nature has her ways…
On flickr, Coveman suggested we should call her Miss Pansy as she sits among pansies.


4 thoughts on “Miss Pansy sitting on her eggs

  1. I can understand why you would not like to leave Paris. I would love to have a flat in the middle of London but alas, I merely commute there then leave in the afternoon. My problem is that I would also like a place in the countryside too.

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