Three generations


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Three generations
Circa 1895 – Léa (standing on the right) with her grandparents, parents and sisters in Bulgaria
When I first posted this picture, it was in bad shape, but I posted it anyway, because I was neither proficient enough nor patient enough to clean it up with Photoshop Elements.
But Uncle Jerry from flickr fixed it, for which I am really grateful.
I find it an interesting photo, because there are three generations present. My great great grandfather wears a Turkish style hat, a fez. My grandmother, Léa, with her hair up, standing on the right was still single. Her three sisters, with their hair down, are sitting on the floor. I cannot really place an appropriate name on them. But I know they were Rebecca, Mazal and Rachel.
My grandfather (not in the photo) Moïse, fell in love with Rachel and went to her father to propose. But Léa was the oldest, so he was told that he couldn’t marry Rachel, but could have Léa!
The family story went that, like Jacob in the Bible, as he couldn’t have Rachel, he married Léa. Even Léa told the story that way and always told me how pretty and lively Rachel was.

5 thoughts on “Three generations

  1. Bonjour !

    Je suis aussi… Mademoiselle Tolédo Léa !
    Native de Nîmes (sud de la France)…
    Et… Rien à dire ! Juste que je suis étonnée de voir des personnes ayant le même nom que moi !

  2. Your grandmother was beautiful, and also so kind to always praise Rachel. J’aime bien entendre ta voix raconter l’histoire de ta famille. C’eswt émouvant! Cette photo vaut son pesant d’or. Cela me pousse à mettre de l’ordre dans l’album de ma famille. Peut-être vais-je y ajouter une cassette pour les futurs arrières-petits-enfants. Mon petit-fils a seulement 5 ans!

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