The best age?

In one of her great posts, Ronni Bennett at Time Goes by wonders about the perfect age:

What then, I was wondering, would the optimal age be? If, by drugs or surgery or magic wand, aging could be permanently arrested at the moment of greatest attractiveness, what age would that be?

What indeed would it be?
My daughter, who just turned 20, was telling me, just before her birthday that she would have liked to remain 19…
Most people in this country (France) think that you live the best age in your twenties. They will say stuff like

Ah! Avoir 20 ans, le bel âge! (the best age)

If I could go back in time, I would stop at 40! I liked the way I lived then, my husband was still alive and we had just had our daughter. I even started thinking of myself of acceptable at that time. So those were the days…

Mirror in Montparnasse
Am I growing wiser as I am ageing?

I had breast cancer last summer, had to have surgery and radiation therapy, and perhaps that is what made me realise that I had it good. I used to love playing golf, even though I was hopelessly bad at it 😉 and cannot play any longer, but have found another hobby, a much cheaper one, taking photos, which allows me to take great walks wherever I go.
I am retired and can afford to live in Paris, a city I love, and take small trips elsewhere from time to time. I have a smart and lovely daughter and good friends. Ever since I was a child, I always thought I was not good-looking, too fat, too shy, artistically impaired, too stupid to understand art and painting… you name it!
Fumbling through old pictures for my Diving into the past posts, I am often surprised at how good-looking I used to be! As for achieving things, I enjoy what I do, am helping some people with the web, and even have other people telling me they like it too. I like blogging and taking photos, among other things and must admit this blog has helped me go through the cancer and the retirement episodes, which seem to have happened at the same time!
And I feel ready to enjoy life and to look at the bright side of things.


6 thoughts on “The best age?

  1. I feel the greatest attractiveness comes at the age you realise
    who you are, accept yourself with all the pros and cons and enjoy the little things life has to offer you, contributing back…just like you are doing now 🙂
    I love your photos and reading you.
    Amitiés du Brésil

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