Gitta with her bike


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Gitta, my mother and her bike in 1949
1949 in Deauville, My mother with her bike
When I was little, like most little girls, I wanted very much to be like my Mum. She had this beautiful blue dress with white flowers and more than anything, I envied her for having this beautiful bike. I think at the time it was a lovely beige and was painted blue later on.
In fact, it was the bike with which I learnt to ride – few children had small bikes then, and even though I thought of myself as a tomboy, I was an easily frightened child and remember my mother getting angry because she felt I wasn’t learning fast enough!
I eventually learnt how to ride that big bike and as there were not many cars in the streets of Deauville when I was six or seven, we would ride all over the place, my cousins and myself.

2 thoughts on “Gitta with her bike

  1. That’s such a 1940’s dress. Women almost never wore jeans or slacks here in the U.S. in the 1940s. I too learned to ride on a big bike and didn’t get mine until I was 11 years old. I remember the enormous freedom I felt then to ride all over the neighborhood.

  2. How I remember that bike and those rides! The task
    was not too easy, not only because we were too short
    for those tall English bikes (vélos anglais), but
    also because pedalling backwards to brake required
    some strength and skill.
    I remember one day in particular when we were racing
    like mad up and down rue de Verdun with the energy
    and… rectitude of two drunkards and our pedals got
    caught in the spokes of the wheels. Loud screams,
    minor bruises.

    I also remember how M. Marais, the local repairman,
    would give us a hand, free of charge of course, to
    straigthen a mudguard or fix a puncture.

    Those were the good old days, dear cousin 😉



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