Going to a dance in 1968


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Going to a dance
Going to a dance


I don’t remember exactly where I was going, but what I do remember is that my mother and I spent days knitting the green top I am wearing. I did the body and she did the sleeves. The back of the photo says 1968. That was the year right before I went to the States for two years and stayed at Champaign-Urbana, Ill. as a teaching assistant.
Years later, in 1984, after my mother’s death, I was cleaning up her house and opened her wallet. I was surprised to find this photo of me, which had been there all these years without my knowing. I had always thought of my mother as cold and unsentimental, but she had kept that photo in her wallet all along! The thought still brings tears to my eyes.
And to think that in those days, I thought of myself as fat, dull and unattractive.
The photo had been folded and I want to thank uncle jerry on flickr for fixing it.

5 thoughts on “Going to a dance in 1968

  1. What accomplished knitters you and your mother proved to be! Although I understand that the Champaigne-Urbana campus is rather large, did you happen to meet anyone with the last name of Muntyan while there (that you recall?) One would have been a student, the other would have been the head of the publishing department–both male.

  2. “Fat, dull and unattractive”? You MUST be joking!!
    The top is a glorious shade of green and has an intruiging neckline. Do you have any idea where that top is today – or what happened to it?

    Claude … claude … claude … is that a cigarette I spy in your right hand?

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