Flickring around


Factory view from Margit island
A view from Margit Bridge
a factory, on the Pest side of Budapest
I took an appalling number of photos while in Budapest and am still trying to sort them out.
One of the nice things that flickr lets you do with your sets of photos is see them as a slideshow. Here’s a slideshow of Budapest carved faces
I also created a new pool on flickr which shows photos of windows of all sorts. What people do with their cameras is truly astonishing.
One of my favourite slideshows is curiouskiwi’s 2005 Balloons

3 thoughts on “Flickring around

  1. Oh, thank you, I enjoyed your photos so much. Tge carved faces are astonishing. I think it’s the mixture of grotesqueness and obvious realism. And as for the windows… I sat and watched my own personal slide show during my lunch hour, and was utterly satisfied and transported. The whole world is there in its windows, isn’t it? and every image is at least three pictures – the window itself and inside it and outside it. Wonderful. Hard to pick any favourites. The two ducks peering into the barge window?

  2. Really enjoyed looking through your photos and really glad you had such a rich visual experience here. I obviously love the place, but I also get a real kick from seeing other people’s reactions to coming here.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, Vandorlo. I tried to post on your blog, but couldn’t. I did enjoy my trip to Budapest enormously. In fact it was my second time there.
    I found the city extremely interesting and found it frustrating not to understand a word of Hungarian 😉

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