La Seine

Crossing the river Seine on Sunday evening
I took this photo last Sunday on the way back from the Tuileries gardens. The light kept changing making beautiful reflections in the water under the bridges.

5 thoughts on “La Seine

  1. If I only knew what all of the spires and buildings on the skyline really were, Claude. Beautiful photograph. I’m glad that you stopped to snap it–and–thanks for pointing out the light play under the bridge. The twinkling effect is marvelous (imagination is great!)

  2. Thanks, Claude. Just before I found your suggestion, here, I had seen your photo of the Eiffel Tower at night. I gave myself a “dope slap” for not having recognized the “spire” in this photo. Enlargement of this photo makes a magnificent screenful of Paris. BTW: I had not previously visited flickr. One could spend a lot of time with it!

  3. Wow!! This really is beautiful, Claude! You must be aquiring a professional eye for interesting views – they’re getting better and better 😀

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