Spring at Musée Rodin gardens

Dome des Invalides
from the Musée Rodin Gardens yesterday
Yesterday was one of those windy days when you wonder when the rain will start pouring. In fact, I was pretty lucky as it didn’t start until I was safely in the subway. I went to Musée Rodin gardens two or three weeks ago, when it was unexpectedly warm and sunny for a March day and the trees still had a wintery look.
Yesterday, even with the threatening clouds, it was spring, blooming and green.
Look right of the Dome and you’ll also see the Eiffel Tower peeking.

4 thoughts on “Spring at Musée Rodin gardens

  1. I love seeing Paris through your eyes. It must be wonderful to live in the heart of the city as you do. I am in the middle of saving for a grand journey next year. I have only been to Paris once and that was a very sad period for me. In 15 months time it could all be so different – one llives in hope.

  2. Ohhh! Truly a lovely photograph. It feels like an old master’s painting.
    Thank you for your Paris in Springtime perspective.

  3. hello i am writing an essay on Rodin, i am a fine art student and my essay is for a uni interview tomorrow.anyway was just looking through the net and you photograph brought floods of good memories as i went to paris last feb and i now love rodins work and can not get enough of it. im not sure if i will go to uni this year but if i do not i will most likely be paying another visit to paris.my feelings for paris are undiscridadle. thanks sam
    if you like to talk more on paris then email me dancelikeasmileischasingyou@hotmail.com thanks again

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