Aunt Fanny and baby R.


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Aunt Fanny and daughter R.
My Aunt Fanny, looking at baby Rosine, nine months old
When I was little, I considered my Aunt Fanny as my private property. I just loved her and as she was not as busy as my mother, I felt very close to her. She got married at 38 or 39, an arranged marriage, and had a child, my cousin R. When Rosine was born, I displayed all the signs of sibling jealousy and asked to be given a baby bottle. But I was soon in the role of the older sister (we have a six years difference). I like this photo in which my aunt looks at her daughter who herself is looking at her dad.

2 thoughts on “Aunt Fanny and baby R.

  1. Are either of them still with us today? An arranged marriage – what year was that? Did that happen much in France at that time? How about nowadays?

  2. It was around 1950. I know it happened a lot in Jewish families. Especially in Jewish families where people were recent immigrants. My Aunt Fanny is not with us any more, but her daughter is! We actually live pretty close to one another.

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