Get well, Meg!

This tulip is for Meg
Meg, I don’t know about other people, although I have a hunch they are just like me, they miss you!
You have to get well soon, because I miss you. This beautiful tulip looks even better because of the code you’ve taught me to use. So have a nice rest and come back to the people who love and appreciate you.

3 thoughts on “Get well, Meg!

  1. Thank you Claude. It touched me deeply. I want to get well and flowers do help. I took a vacation from the doctors and the hectic life here. Just got back tonight. Hawaii (Maui) for a week of rest.Notice that I can type? Because I haven’t for a week. No phone messages from the docs, which isn’t good news right now. I want them to hurry this up! Fix me!

    Thank you Diane and Dave too. My cyberfriends are the best friends. Thank you so much. I needed that.

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