That frightening doll


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This afternoon, on rue de Vaugirard I came across a doll-repair shop, with this doll sitting in the window.
It looks so much like the doll that one of my parents’ friends gave me for my birthday when I was five. Only MY doll was dressed in blue. But it had articulated legs and arms, just the same. And in those days, those dolls were awfully expensive and most little girls would have killed to have such a doll.
Not me! The first day I played with the doll, I pinched my finger! And I was so spooked and frightened, that my mother put the doll away at the top of a cupboard.
Now the cupboard was in the same tiny room as the refrigerator. And the grown-ups often needed something in that refrigerator, in that small room at the end of a dark corridor. And they sent me! “Didi, va chercher le beurre! Go and get the butter!”
And I was ashamed of telling my mum that I was frightened of going through that dark corridor. So I’d go, singing something at the top of my lungs, expecting the doll to jump at me and pinch me any minute!

3 thoughts on “That frightening doll

  1. I laughed hard at this post because my mom had a doll just like this one as well. It had been given to her by her grandmother living in England. My mom cherished the doll even into her adulthood because she loved antiques; therefore, it earned to respected place on top of the wardrobe in her bedroom.

    Whenever I would have scary dreams I would crawl into my parents bed. However, if I ever looked up, I would see the creepy doll staring down at me with her two eyes open, one caught in a half-blink. Even to this day, whenever I see the doll, I beg my mom, “Please mom! Can’t you put that in the closet? It’s creepy!”

    Thanks for this post. I remembered a part of my childhood that I haven’t revisited for years!

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