I am a dinosaur

O  K, I admit it. I am some kind of dinosaur. I have never been able to watch any of the Star Wars movies entirely. Not the trilogy and not the most recent additions.
When the first movie came out, I didn’t see it, and when my daughter started loving the movie series, some ten years later, there was something about it that triggered me into falling asleep on the living-room couch every time she wanted to watch the videotapes.
In fact I should be grateful to the Dark Side of the Force, since it made for very nice naps 😉

My daughter now twenty went to the latest episode of the movie and was delighted, she loved it although, according to her, nothing can ever be as good as the original trilogy. I wouldn’t know of course. I wouldn’t have wanted to go with her and embarrass her by falling asleep in my chair!

It’s not that I don’t like science fiction, Julie could tell you that I watched every (ridiculous, according to her) episode of StarTrek, StarTrek the New Generation and boldly went with them where no man had gone before, and loved it.
But there is something in the breathing of Darth Vador (dubbed Dark Vador -pronounced Vaador in France) that just puts me to sleep, I guess.

All this is to say that thanks to Dave Goodman at eMusings, at last I found something about Starwars that amused me!

Follow the hyperlink to the Sith Sense and see if you can resist the efforts of Darth Vader to read your mind. This Star Wars version of 20 Questions is incredibly amusing and well done, not to mention effective. Move along.

And Dave is right, it is incredibly amusing.


2 thoughts on “I am a dinosaur

  1. I share the same blind spot Claude. But with me it would extend to ALL science fiction films. I must have been born with a black hole in my head labeled “SF”. Oh yes, I’ve got another labelled “sport” too. This is a severe handicap among male company in Britain.

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