My latest mania

I realise that I don’t post as often as I would want to. Sometimes, just because I don’t have much to say.
Or because writing doesn’t come to me easily. It takes me quite a long time to write a post. Not because I am writing in English, but because I am a slow thinker, I guess.

But the main reason why I am posting less, is I got quite addicted to flickr. My few readers already know that, but you see, flickr makes me develop new addictions all the time. The latest of them, but certainly not the least time-consuming is “squared circles”. Rather than explaining what a squared circle is, you can look at the collection of squared circles below. Or better, you can see a slideshow of them here.

My squircles, originally uploaded by Claudecf.

4 thoughts on “My latest mania

  1. Ha! I have the same problem with blogging. Its so hard to find the time when flickr is so addictive. Never mind, its good to keep the blog going even if its only an occasional post.

  2. My photos on Flickr feed my blog, but I have the same quandary — getting “STUCK” in Flickr! I could spend an entire working day perusing the site, going from one tangent of viewing to another.

    But, one of its redeeming factors is that it improves my photography. It’s very inspiring to see what other people shoot. It’s also a great way to meet new people — tonight I went to my second Vandigicam meetup, and last week was the Flickr Farewell Party (Ludicorp is moving from Vancouver to San Francisco, where Yahoo! is based). Suffice to say, I’m a Flickr enthusiast!

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