Mother and child


Mother and child
Mother and child, a photo taken in Bolivia around 1975 .
I have been busy trying to carry out one of my projects, which is to digitize a bunch of slides that Roland, my husband, and myself took while we were traveling around the world.
From 1973 to 1984, every year, we packed our rucksack and went for trips to Asia, Africa and South America. We took lots of photographs but watching slides was too much work somehow, so beyond watching, ordering and classifying them right after the trip, we hardly ever watched them. I don’t even think my daughter has seen them.
So lately, I started scanning my slides, a time-consuming job!
I have uploaded the fifty slides that we kept from our trip to Bolivia and Ecuador to flickr and you can watch the slideshow here. The slides from Peru seem to have disappeared, maybe I’ll find them later.
One thing I find frustrating is the fact that I seem to remember the photos, but not where they were taken or sometimes why I took them and kept them.

2 thoughts on “Mother and child

  1. Goodmorning Claude,
    How fun and courageous that you are working with your slides!
    I sometimes think about it too, but it seems to be a daunting task.
    I have several binders and caroussel trays with slides I took between
    say, 1972 and 1992 documenting my life and travels in the
    Puerto Rico, the USA , Yucatan, Mediterranean, Baltic Sea, etc.
    I love having slide shows for my friends from time to time
    but this kind of get-together seems to have completely gone
    out of fashion, as have evenings where you come together
    and play your favorite records.
    I miss that.
    I am going to take a look at flickr now and enjoy your pictures.
    Good luck with the project!

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