Long time no post

I feel sort of ashamed for not posting for such a long time. But it seems that I totally lacked inspiration. How do you post when you don’t have much to say?
It took Carmen’s comment to remind me that at least I should post just to say I was fine!
Shame on me 😉

I have been busy cutting old links (namely finally selling the remnants of my old flat, two service rooms on the sixth floor of the building, used as an attic), and the funny part of it is that while cutting these old links, it so happened that I got in touch with an old friend that I had not seen for twenty years.

So it has been a busy period

I have also been quite busy with flickr, taking photos, posting them, setting up groups and and a new blog which is a showcase of the best photos of one of the groups I administer, All sorts of windows

Friday, I am leaving for Normandy, but unlike previously, I will have a fast Internet connexion so I won’t have any trouble posting except for lack of inspiration 😉


2 thoughts on “Long time no post

  1. Re. that lack of inspiration:

    Okay, so HERE’S an idea!

    Many of us follow a blog (http://parisdaily.hi-fipop.com) that we have come to love because it gives us photos and thoughts and useful information about Paris. As you probably know, but may not completely appreciate because of your location, those of us who visit Paris FALL IN LOVE with it and experience severe separation anxiety when we have to leave!! We followers of that blog have just learned that the American expat who publishes it will be leaving Paris to return to the U.S. later this month. We are aghast!!!

    Where will we get our nostalgia fix … our upcoming travel ideas … our photos of France … how WILL we go on????

    Answer comes to mind:

    YOUR writing ability and your photography ability are the perfect antidote to our Paris withdrawal problems. I think that a Paris blog by you would be latched onto immediately by the Paris Daily readers … only one limitation that I would foresee is the necessity to register with yet another password on your current blog service providers.

    Have you ever considered giving another service at try? Maybe one that doesn’t require an account just to leave a comment? It’s the comments that make things come alive and keep things “inspirational” for the writer as well.

    Anyway … some thoughts from me. I think your photography is terrific on your Paris City Blog but almost didn’t come back a third time when my two earlier attempts at leaving a comment were fruitless. No error message was received, so (wordy as I am) I was somewhat annoyed when my two attempts at comments were fruitless.

    You have SO MUCH good stuff to convey … why not jump onto the Paris Daily blog and see what you think? Leave a comment … tell us where to find YOUR Paris blog(s) … you won’t even have to create a new account and password to do it!

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