Blogjacking (updated)

Blogging in Paris is powered by WordPress and hosted at OVH using my domain name,
This morning, I came across my site “revamped” by Blogwidow . (I am not enabling the link as I have been advised not to).
Now I certainly don’t want to advertise for blogwidow, but just let you know that if you check out YOUR site, you can see your original design with the addition of their awful banner.
I checked Ronni Bennett’s TimeGoesby and Meg at MandarinDesign and they too had been hijacked. In fact, through Ronni, who searched the web, through Angsuman Chakraborty who left a comment and through WordPress Support, I learnt that there wasn’t much to be done, but also that I should remove the links including blogwidow, which I did.

I wrote them a note, demanding that they remove my site.
Blogwidow contact, but it seems that as they are using a proxy, there is not much to be done.
Ronni found a suggestion to get out of frames


One thought on “Blogjacking (updated)

  1. They are simply using a proxy. They would normally have no way to remove the site.

    However you should remove the links above.
    Otherwise they will be crawled by Google and it may negatively affect
    your SERP and the others you have linked.

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