Bordeaux mascarons


I spent most of last week in Artigues, near Bordeaux, and attended the fifth edition of Cyber-Langues, an association for language teachers who use Internet technologies in class.
For this fifth edition, we had set up a blog and I spent the three days of the conference photographing the events and blogging them with fellow blogger, Olivier Colas.
On the last day, before a nice dinner, we took a two hours’ walk around Bordeaux, a beautiful town, where I took the photos gathered above in a mosaic. All those stone faces, called mascarons are only a few among those that can be seen above the old city doors.
For a slideshow of my mascarons photos, click here

4 thoughts on “Bordeaux mascarons

  1. I can see that looking at your flickr photos one by one does not give the complete impression. I tend to miss the mosaics because I only comment on one or two photos of yours each day. This is a really great mosaic – which should be framed and hung on a wall I think. Tom

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