Stay on the path

S   tay on the path
They say Stay
walk on each stone set
end to end on the way
walk the path
extending out
to forever
and remember
there have been those
and will be those
so honor the path
by preserving it


Poem Copyright
©2005 Frederick D. Perry, All Rights Reserved

Things that happen on flickr!
I took the photo above through the gate of a garden in Deauville and posted it to my photostream. By the next morning, Frederick D. Perry had posted his poem there. It made my day, so I asked him permission to blog his poem. And here it is!
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In The Stream
Oaktown Slim

One thought on “Stay on the path

  1. I am enjoying your site, even if I do not put it in my “only french langueage” links,
    Regarding of ‘stay on the path’ a very interesting poem,
    I could not do it, life did not permit me,
    si I jumped here and there and back.
    But still, I did not disturb, nor not follow finally the path of thos before me, for after who knows.

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