To the women who made me who I am


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From left to right:
Feigl, Léa, Gitta, Fanny and my daughter Julie
I turned 61 yesterday. My daughter and I went to a great restaurant and she literally showered me with presents.
Thinking about it before falling asleep, it occured to me that I was who I was thanks to a line of women who made all the difference in my life.
I never actually met Feigl, who died long before I was born, but my mother admired her so much and made me feel how SHE had been shaped by her mother that it feels as if I had actually lived with her.

Léa and her daughter Fanny made feel like I was the most important person in the world. They just loved me.
I was Léa‘s favourite grandchild and I knew it. We played cards together and even as a child, I let her win. We played a game I have never heard of elsewhere. It was called Pastra. I always wondered if she had not made up the rules ;), until today, when I Googled it.
Fanny was always so patient when I was little and when I grew up, she always made me feel smart and important. I felt I counted for her.
My mother always preferred my brother and I always felt I had to fight to be loved. But she brought me so much, telling me about her life in Slonim. She was a great story-teller and did not even know it. And even if I sometimes found it difficult, she always pushed me forward and helped me grow up.

As for my daughter, Julie, she too helped me grow up as we had to fight our way all alone since she was six. I am so proud of this lovely young woman, find her so clever and attractive and enjoy so much being her mother.
Hats off to you, ladies! You have shaped my life the way it is now.