Autumn is here

Crow, originally uploaded by Claudecf.

B   ringing fall magic
telling a healing story
of the quenching rain
slipping into our hearts
foreteller of secrets
wings that bear the seasons
and scatter leaves that
can no longer cling to the past
he walks only for a minute
to survey and speak softly a truth
sailing like midnight
striking fear in no believer
keeper of dreams
speaker of drama
undertaker of the seasons
spreader of new life
watcher waiter
magic slips from this blackness
and flees with a secret story
of where peace dwells


Poem Copyright
© 2005 Frederick D. Perry, All Rights Reserved

I took the photo above in Paris on a lawn at the Luxembourg Garden. A few hours later, Frederick D. Perry, one of my flickr friends, aka as Greatwork posted this poem as a comment. He writes poems faster than I post on my blog! 😉
Thanks, Greatwork.
Some of Greatwork’s sites
In The Stream
Oaktown Slim

Other poems by Greatwork on my photos here and here


4 thoughts on “Autumn is here

  1. Great photo, accompanied by a lovely poem. You are very fortunate to live in Paris at this time of year and I look forward to seeing many more autumn photos on your flickr

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