A new sense!


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Door detail
The English Institute where I went almost daily for several years
I took this photo a week ago and this door is that of the school where I was a student for four years some thirty years ago.
If you had shown it to me a week ago, I don’t think I would have been able to place it.
As far back as I can remember, I have always been more of a listener than a seeer.

I taught myself to read by listening to the same story again and again, read by members of my family.
Whenever I had to memorise a poem or a lesson, — we did a lot of that when I was a child– my mother would read it aloud to me again and again, and it would finally sink in.
It was always difficult for me to learn things by heart, except for songs!
For the last thirty years, I was a teacher and it always took me the longest time to memorise the faces of my students and put a name on them, to the point that it was sometimes embarrassing.
Last year in November, I started taking photos and little by little, I feel that I have started remembering what I see. Focusing on my photos has probably helped me a lot.
I notice things and people in a way I have never done before.
Who said that getting older was no fun? Not me! I have re-discovered one of my senses.


3 thoughts on “A new sense!

  1. Nice picture. Paris has so many of these. It would be hard to place it unless you took the picture yourself 🙂 Looking forward to more !!!! I miss the City …

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