City lights


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Galeries Lafayette
Ever since my husband died in 1992, Christmas time has never been the same. What used to be a family happy time had become some sort of hurdle that I felt I had to jump every year. It is slowly changing, and I feel that things ARE better, but to every one who lost a loved one, the holiday season is difficult to tackle. The world around us is rejoicing, people are feverishly shopping — and so am I! but there is a sort of apprehension, I feel uptight and I often resent feeling out of tune with the rest of the world.

The lights of the city are beautiful, though! And I went to see the lights of the Galeries Lafayette at night for the first time in years. I think the camera helps me in some weird way.

I took this photo of the Galeries Lafayette on the evening of December 12th. More photos of Christmas decorations in Paris here.


6 thoughts on “City lights

  1. Hi Claude! I enjoyed discovering your blog, and I myself have taken the very same picture (almost) of les Galeries Lafayette, but may be not quite as beautifully!

    I feel your pain about your husband, and I hope that your camera can help you ameliorate it slightly, as I use mine to do so for me when I’m not feeling so good.

    Keep it up and let’s see more pics of Paris!

  2. Sorry, Claude! I put the wrong address, not that of my Paris blog directly. Now if you click on ‘Sab’ you will see my attempt to produce nice pics of Paris and I’d be honoured if you visited a while!

    All the best, Sab

  3. I’ve just returned from Paris myself. My first visit during Christmas.
    I was spellbound by the beauty of the decorations. Your photos (I was
    only able to view thumbnails) looked gorgeous. Desparately seeking a
    photo of the “hanging Santa’s” that I saw everywhere. Wish I could
    view your photos properly. Thanks for the show!

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