Gitta’s treasure chest: binoculars


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My mother loved going to concerts and recitals. And I loved going with her. I don’t remember my father coming along, but what I do remember are this pair of lovely binoculars. Another treasure I would have loved to possess. I think that it was a gift from my father. Wherever they came from, Gitta cherished them.
When she died, I was the one to have them. I used them for a while, and then, they disappeared. Objects have a way of hiding, at least with me ;), as I am rather a messy person.
I looked and looked and couldn’t find them and thought maybe I had forgotten them somewhere. It upset me, but eventually, I bought another pair of binoculars, more modern, more efficient but far from being as pretty. And I forgot all about them.
Meanwhile, I moved out of my old flat into this new one.
A few weeks ago, looking for an umbrella in a drawer, I came across Gitta’s binoculars. How did they land there is beyond me. I certainly don’t remember packing them, while moving and certainly don’t remember putting them there.
But it was certainly nice to see them again, and to think that the next time I’ll go to the Opera, or a concert, it will be like old times.

It felt as if Gitta was waving at me!

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