On a bench

On a really cold day, I was looking around a small garden on the left side of Eglise Saint-Germain des Prés, called Square Laurent Prache, and they were the only people there. It was quite chilly, and they were so busy talking that I don’t think they even noticed me. I don’t know what they were talking about, but I liked them.
Old couples always make me a bit nostalgic as they bring to my mind all these things that I will never share with my husband, who left us on a bleak January morning, fourteen years ago.

4 thoughts on “On a bench

  1. I saw this picture on Flickr and loved it. I want to move closer and hear what they are talkinga about. What a lovely moment captured.

  2. Hi Claude, I love this picture. Yes, I feel your nostalgia. So nice to have a companion with whom to share your life, or, at least, parts of it.

  3. Thank you for offering us this image — and for trusting us with the pictures of you and your husband. He looks to have been a real sweetheart, as we say in the States when we talk about a good, good man.

    There is something lovely about the thoughts and feelings they bring to you.

  4. Times of gentle sorrow.
    I think the man looks pretty faraway and that she is trying to persuade him into something. One is distant and the other so earnest.

    Love your photos.

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