Gitta, playing the piano


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Gitta, 51, playing the piano
at Léo’s barmitzvah in 1960
I remembered this picture vividly and had mislaid it. It represents one aspect of my mother that I haven’t explored in this blog yet.
Gitta knew how to throw a party and be the soul of it, she was quite a social person, loved having guests over and entertain them. She sometimes went a little too far ;). I remember times when we still had our house in Deauville, when she would invite quite a few people over and rent a room at the hotel next door for me and my brother, which was something I really hated.
As I have said before, she was quite a good piano-player
This was taken in 1960 at my cousin Léo’s bar-mitzvah, which took place in Paris. After the synagogue and a nice lunch in a restaurant, there was a party at our flat, the one I moved away from in 1999.
As she did whenever she was at a party, whether at home or elsewhere, she sat at the piano and started playing songs and having people sing along. I don’t know what song Gitta was playing, as she had quite a repertoire; but obviously,everyone was having a good time.
On the piano, besides the pair of shoes –don’t ask me why they are there, because I don’t remember –, there is a tape-recorder. If only the tape hadn’t been lost, I would be able to hear my mother’s voice… There is also a pack of cigarettes, Gitanes, no doubt Gitta’s, as she smoked heavily for forty years and ended up with chronic emphyzema.
But in those days, she didn’t think of that and just wanted to have a good time.
In fact, I don’t really need a tape to hear Gitta’s voice, I can still hear it as I can hear her piano-playing.

3 thoughts on “Gitta, playing the piano

  1. DIDIE ( permets moi de t’appelre ainsi…….)

    Merci pour cette photo qui me rappelle des temps très heureux . Je ne connaissais pas cette photo mais avait entendu parler de cette” sacrée soirée !…” A droite ma mère semble dechainée,
    Fanny Grebler s’amuse visiblement alors que GENIA AIZENSTADT ( slonimiene) a retiré ses chaussures sans doute pour danser.

    Seule RACHELLE semble triste ou perdue dans ses pensées ( ou souvenirs?)

    je reconnais à gauche la main de mon père qui comme toujours exprime une forte volonté de transmettre ses sentiments( meme en chantant)

    Merci encore


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