Queueing outside le Grand Palais

Vienne 1900

As the exhibition about Vienna artists will be over in a few days and I am such a procrastinator that I cannot do things unless I am under some pressure ;), this morning, I showed up at the Grand Palais at ten o’clock. The Grand Palais gates open at ten sharp. I bought myself the aptly named Sesame card this year as I was interested in the themes of the exhibitions.
On the above photo, you can only see part of the crowd, as my lense can’t provide a wider view. But I asked one of the ushers how long the people without a card or a booking would have to wait and he said three hours!
It’s really beyond me how a country which boasts its cultural specificity the way it does —Ah! l’exception française should specialise in lousy organisation.
Last week’s Mélancolie was a disaster, at least for me.
This exhibition, I thoroughly enjoyed. I was familiar with Klimt’s and Kokoschka’s painting but totally discovered Egon Schiele and Gustav Moser. I liked that they had organised the exhibition around different themes, landscape, portraits and history, which made it easier to focus.
I particularly liked Klimt’s baby and found Schiele’s painting very interesting. All Schiele’s works shown were deeply gloomy to the point of ugliness, except for two portraits of his wife, colourful and attractive. I wondered if he had painted her through the eyes of love or if he didn’t have the nerve to paint her in his usual manner, for fear of reprisals;)

It made me feel like visiting Vienna and its museums. I have never been there and somehow, every time I have planned a visit –whether with my husband years ago, or two years in a row with my daughter, the plans just aborted for different reasons.
Maybe in May or June…


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