Going down the stairs

Paris Wanderings
“Blogging in Paris”
Blogging in Paris
The last two days have been really cold but sunny. Monday is a good day for a trip to Montmartre, as most shops are closed, it is pretty quiet up there.
I got off at Métro Abbesses, and walked up Montmartre hill along steep rue Lepic.
Just across the street from the métro stop, unusual Saint Jean de Montmartre stands out. It is worth visiting as is also worth visiting Saint Pierre de Montmartre further up.
I passed lovely Place Emile Goudeau and famous Place du Tertre. Montmartre does look like a village and is much nicer on a quiet day.
Finally, I reached the Sacré Coeur church. Not quite my type of architecture, but Paris wouldn’t be Paris without it, I guess.

I went down and wandered in the streets around where they sell all sorts of colourful materials, and walked to Place Clichy where I took the métro back home. A pretty tiring walk on the whole because of the climbing up and down!

On a daily basis, I upload quite a lot of photos onto my flickr account, but I choose one a day, which I blog at my Photoblog: One Photo a Day


2 thoughts on “Going down the stairs

  1. Your beautiful photos have inspired me to return to Paris, and in particular to Place du Tertre and Montmartre where I last visited with a group of 300 American students in 1965 (250 girls and 50 boys!). I’m interested to see how the memories of Paris as a 17 yr old square with today’s reality as an adult. As Sinatra sang, “Thanks for the memories…”

  2. I really enjoy your site; so profesionally done. My wife and I were in Paris this May so I enjoy your comments and pictures.

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