Happy flickrversary!… (to me)

flickrversary: according to the definition of flicktionary, the anniversary of when one joined flickr.

I looked at flickr for the first time in November 2004, liked it a lot, got myself a digital camera and lurked a lot for quite a while.

I uploaded my first photo on January 25th and in a few days I was totally hooked!
On January 29th, 2005, I purchased a pro account and ever since, I have been shooting and uploading, shooting and uploading.
I tried to choose one photo from each month. Choosing from some 7,000 photos can be difficult. View slideshow here
flickr viewers have chosen different photos

From Tower Bridge tiles Meeeeeeoooow! The dome of the Invalides
Most viewed, favorited, commented, interesting.

What doesn’t appear in this set is the people I have actually met, LeoL30 and E11y when they visited in Paris, and Fuego de Luna, who at the time was Urban Chill, when I went to Amsterdam, not to mention people that I have never really met, but who have become flickr friends.
I also want to mention the numerous (too numerous?) groups I created, admin or co-admin, which I enjoy very much.
I am starting a new flickr year and have to go out to snap some photos 😉

On a daily basis, I upload quite a lot of photos onto my flickr account, but I choose one a day, which I blog at my Photoblog: One Photo a Day


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