Happy birthday, Julie


Birthday cake Blowing the candles


I can’t believe that my baby daughter has turned into this lovely young woman. Julie turned 21 today, and we had a good time, went to a restaurant where we had a great lunch. I didn’t take any photos, as she hates it when I take photos, which usually doesn’t stop me. But you can’t very well cross your daughter on her 21st birthday, can you?
Then, we got back home to my place and she unpacked her presents. I am cat-sitting Mounir, her cat for a while, as she is having a party this evening.

On a daily basis, I upload quite a lot of photos onto my flickr account, but I choose one a day, which I blog at my Photoblog: One Photo a Day


3 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Julie

  1. J’hésitais à le dire mais ça me brûle les doigts : Happy birthday à la jolie Julie!
    Claude quand je visite votre blog, j’ai l’impression d’être en famille, c’est sympa. Ces jours-ci, j’ai pensé à vous en visitant le blog de Pêle-mêle, avez-vous vu ses photos d’écorces d’arbres? Votre ange est sublime. http://jeandler.blog.lemonde.fr/jeandler/

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