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Blogging in Paris


I saw Ang Lee‘s movie yesterday, expecting a lot and… was bored! Sorry, Marie-France.
Brokeback Mountain didn’t live up to what I had heard about the movie. It took me about half an hour to get into the movie, but I never found it really interesting. I’ll keep the scenes when Ennis’s wife discovers about her husband’s homosexuality, the outstanding scene of the Thanksgiving dinner when Jack stands up against his father-in-law, and Ennis’s visit to Jack’s parents at the end of the movie. To me, these were the most interesting themes in the movie, and I would like to have seen them developped.
I read in the credits that the movie was based on a short story by Annie Proulx, a short story that made for a looooong movie!

Via TimeGoesBy, totally unrelated, but it gave me the giggles, How to avoid birdflu
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4 thoughts on “Brokeback Mountain

  1. Hey Claude, thanks for the thoughtful link. I
    wish I knew French to leave my comment, but I
    don’t. All of my children speak French…
    it’s beautiful..I love it. Have a great day.

  2. Your expectations of the film were evidently too high. I’ve heard others who thought the movie was long and slow, but aren’t all of Ang Lee’s movies long and slow? That’s his style. Americans say the same of most French movies.

    Brokeback Mountain is an important movie for gay men who know how many lives have been saddened, if not ruined, the way Ennis Del Mar’s was, all because he was afraid to be himself. It’s easy to blame society for their fear, but when all is said and done the main thing is to be honest with yourself and the people you know and love.

    Je me souviens que quand j’ai enfin décidé de ne plus cacher mon homosexualité, il y 25 ans de ça, aux gens qui m’entouraient et que m’aimaient bien, une amie française m’a fait remarquer que tout ce qui comptait, en fait, c’était comment j’allais l’assumer. Voilà le sujet du film : un homme qui refusait de s’assumer. Un pauvre type. Une vie ratée.

  3. Ken, neither Sense and Sensibility or Crouching Tiger, Hiding dragon were slow! But you’re quite right I had heard so many good things about that movie that I was disappointing. Et tout à fait d’accord sur le sujet du film. C’est le traitement que je n’ai pas trouvé intéressant, pas le sujet.
    The short story is supposed to be excellent!

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