Where I am from… update


In February 2005, following Fragments from Floyd’s assignment, I wrote about where I was from. Some readers asked me why I hadn’t recorded it in French. I really don’t know. It had been written in English, and it didn’t occur to me to translate it then, although it is clearly part and parcel of my Diving Into the Past series.
This morning, I felt like revisiting it and recorded a French version. Here it is.

To read Where I’m from in English, click here
To listen to the French version, click below https://blogginginparis.files.wordpress.com/2007/07/whereimfrom.mp3″
Please, do not miss two gems inserted in the comments, Melinama’s and Chancy‘s Where I’m From

And in French, Musarde‘s D’où je viens

Read Laurie’s poem from Africakid and the World



5 thoughts on “Where I am from… update

  1. Thank you for the samples of wonderful writing that came out of this assignment. I have enjoyed the reading and look forward to settling down to writing.

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