One of the joys of being old

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Blogging in Paris


Sleeping beauty

Sleeping Beauty


Coming back from Golden Lucy’s Spiral Notebook, and her post about insomnia reminded me that back in December, I had started a post about going to sleep and never finished it. Other things on my mind, I guess.
Says Golden Lucy:

My family assured me that not sleeping wouldn’t kill me, but if the situation didn’t change, they would. Clearly we needed a plan. First, there would be no more conk-out pills.

Well, when I was young, mainly before my daughter was born, I was never sleepy when it was time for me to go to bed if I wanted to be able to get up in the morning and go to work. If I did go to bed, I turned and turned in my bed and fell asleep around four o’clock in the morning and when the alarm rang at six, I was in the middle of deep sleep and had trouble getting up.

In those days, I taught at Creil, fifty kms north of Paris, and took a train at 7 a.m. for a half an hour ride. Once, I fell asleep, missed the Creil stop and woke up two stops further! I was so sure the train hadn’t stopped at Creil; but when I asked my fellow travellers about it, they said that it had indeed stopped, but that I was fast asleep.
I took sleeping pills then and remember having horrible dreams.
After my daughter’s birth –I was forty by then– insomnia subsided. Maybe just because having a baby and taking care of her made me tired enough to sleep 😉

One of the things I thoroughly appreciate in being older and retired is the fact that I can go to bed whenever I like. All my life, I have been a night owl, and tried to fight it. As I had to go to work early, I always forced myself to go to bed before midnight, which doesn’t mean that I was able to sleep right away. The result was that I constantly felt exhausted.
Not any more. 🙂
I go to bed when I feel like sleeping, most of the time around 2 o’clock in the morning and wake up around 9 o’clock and really enjoy this. Sometimes, when I go to bed earlier, I wake up in the middle of the night, around four o’clock in the morning, and since I don’t have to worry about getting up two hours later, I just get up, fiddle around with my photos or my blog and when I feel sleep coming back, I just go back to bed.
Ever since I stopped taking sleeping pills, I have also stopped having nightmares. Isn’t growing old nice in some respects?

I took this photo in Normandy at Hermival-les-Vaux zoo back in August 2005.
Have a closer look at Sleeping Beauty’s face.
Nothing to do with sleeping or sleeping beauties, but don’t miss Donald M. Murray’s Alone with my thoughts, I recall old joys while discovering new ones in the Boston Globe. His columns always stirr a lot in me.
Have a peek at Steve Garfield and Ronni Bennett at SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas

4 thoughts on “One of the joys of being old

  1. Snap again!
    We have that in common apart from Macs and WP!!
    But, I have terrible nightmares without the old Lexomil!
    They are so potent, they stay with me all day and sometimes longer.
    But I manage to do without the stuff, unless I get really cranky with my loved ones!

  2. All my life I have been a morning person. Now that I am blogging, early
    morning is the best time for me to write. I love to welcome in the sunrise and visit cyber friends.
    I am delighted to vist your blog and am so looking forward to reading
    more of your posts.

  3. Claude,
    I’m honored to be your visitor! You are such an artist and pure soul and I haven’t met many humble (or secure) artists!

    Yes, it’s a well-earned perk of elderhood to make our own rules for our own sanity. I’m sure we’re both thankful we have that privilege!

  4. Claude, I am just like you are. I like staying up late at night…writing, listening to music, reading blogs, watching movies, etc. Since I’ve been out of a job, I stay up late and get up later than I was used to when I worked; but I like it. When I try to go to bed earlier, it usually doesn’t work for me either. Maybe you, me, and Lucy should start some kind of “Night Owls Club.” Take care, sweet dreams…whenever you wind up going to bed. -Joy

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