Le Douanier Rousseau : Jungles à Paris

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Blogging in Paris


This great exhibition started last Wednesday and I went with my daughter and her boyfriend. I am always surprised to see that they look strikingly young among all those old people who haunt exhibitions on weekdays. Also, there was no queue outside the Grand Palais, which I had never seen before. According to Grand Palais staff, the first two weeks of an exhibition are always very quiet. Good to know this for next time!
I love Rousseau and enjoyed seeing his wonderful paintings gathered there. I particularly loved Le Rêve and Le Repas du Lion. But on the whole, I found magic in those paintings and might go back for a second visit

Pierre Loti

One of the paintings really amazed me, the portrait of Pierre Loti. For those of you who don’t speak French, or those who are young, I am sure the name of Pierre Loti doesn’t even ring a bell. But to me, Pierre Loti’s books spelt dream, childhood and exotic places. I remember being ten years old and reading Pêcheur d’Islande, Madame Chrysanthème, or Mon Frère Yves and wanting those novels never to stop. For a while, I was in love with Pierre Loti. I’m saying all this so that you may understand my surprise when I discovered Pierre Loti, painted by Rousseau. Not MY Pierre Loti, but nonetheles an interesting portrait! Don’t you love the cat?


2 thoughts on “Le Douanier Rousseau : Jungles à Paris

  1. Saw a similar exhibition some weks back at the Tate Modern and enjoyed it – but hadn’t heard of a Pierre Loti before reading your post.

  2. Bahi, it is exactly the same exhibition! If you click the exhibition link, it says so. I hadn’t realised it. I was in London a few weeks ago, just after it had closed and was sorry I had missed it.
    Not any more!

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